MR. HILLEN welcomes you to the World of Business.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics which is responsible for collecting and analyzing education throughout the United States, the number one bachelors degree is a-------

Business Degree

Accounting is the "Language of Business."

According to former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, research found that those who had taken a high school financial education course were more likely to save regularly.

President Obama established an Advisory Council charged with building the financial capability of Young Americans.
"The creation of this council underscores the commitment to helping young people get the skills and knowledge they need for a sound footing early in life to build wealth and establish financial security."

Nine consecutive years CV has been recognized as a "Blue Star School" based on the New York Financial Literacy Certification Test that is administered to Seniors.

Congratulations CV! We are graduating Financially Literate Students.


1 Austin Dienner $77,156,523

2 Zach Martin $43,187,251

3 Andrew Barton $27,559,336

4 Anderson Nguyen $25,604,632

5 Andy Zimmerman $25,473,337